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Supervision Requirements

All NRHP regulated members must adhere to these requirements and failure to comply with the CPD and supervision regulations may result in disciplinary procedures. All practising members of NRHP will be required to undertake supervision in line with the current regulations. Full members may opt for peervision. Supervision/peervision must be undertaken with a suitably qualified person, namely a Full Member of the NRHP, or retired former Full Member of the NRHP retaining Non-practising Membership, or a UKCP registered psychotherapist or a BACP approved supervisor. (Where a supervisor is not a fully qualified hypno-psychotherapist, the member should make an ad hoc arrangement with a fully qualified hypno-psychotherapist for supervision of the hypnotherapy aspect of his or her practice, as and when required.) Supervision requirements are:

a. NRHP regulated and UKCP registered members seeing more than seven clients per week must have minimum of 20 hours of supervision sessions per year, (or current UKCP regulation).

b. NRHP regulated and UKCP registered members seeing fewer than seven clients per week must have at least five x two hour supervision sessions per year, (or current UKCP regulation).

c. NRHP regulated members who are working toward UKCP registration must have met UKCP supervision criteria for 18 months prior to application for registration being submitted.

d . NRHP regulated non-UKCP registered members must have one hour supervision for every eight client contact hours, up to 20 hours per year.

Therapists must take responsibility for their own supervision and CPD and must ensure that supervision always takes place when required with case histories forming the basis of the discussion. Supervision can be either one to one or in small groups. The Board of Directors of the NRHP considers that face to face supervision is ideal. However, remote supervision by real-time audio link, such as telephone or webcam, is permitted to a limited extent. (NB: non-vocal electronic links, e-mails and faxes are not permissible.)

Where remote supervision is undertaken, face to face supervision should take place a minimum of four times per year. In exceptional circumstances, such as severe disability preventing travel, a minimum of one face to face supervision session per year would be acceptable, with the remainder of supervision being by remote means; in such cases, the full reasons and supporting evidence should be submitted to the NRHP for verification. It is NRHP policy to conduct random monitoring of supervision with 5% of the membership per year.

Other CPD Activities

The 50 hours of ‘other CPD activities' can include:

  • attendance at workshops/courses/conferences;
  • research activity, either clinical or in a related academic field
  • active study and personal reflection.

This list is not exclusive and any relevant professional development activity which can be justified and verified will be considered. CPD need not be restricted to hypno-psychotherapy, or closely related courses, but, in line with UKCP policy, will allow the individual to develop knowledge and competence in a variety of modalities, as well as supervision, teaching, research and management skills. The 50 hours of ‘other' CPD can be undertaken at any time during the five year cycle.

Quinquennial Review

Members will keep a full and clear record of all supervision and other professional development activities in a CPD Portfolio, which will be audited every five years.

NB: Supervision is a discrete element. Neither self-therapy nor “pastoral care” should. substitute for same.


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